At My Recruit Agent, we offer full-time Virtual Recruiting Assistance which makes the search for your needed positions more efficiently, effective, productive, most importantly – less costly.

Our Virtual Recruiting Assistant Service can assist you with selection, application processes, background checks and all other communication. This ensures that your business and its employees are free to work on more pressing matters, and not spending days or weeks narrowing down applicants for open positions. Our database spans candidates that are skilled.

We believe that hiring the right candidate isn’t a hit or miss process. It’s not about sorting through thousands of resumes and hoping that their credentials check out. Instead, at My Recruit Agent we focus on building long-lasting relationships with businesses.

Our dedication to staffing you with the best candidates ensures that your business can find the exact candidate it needs right away. There’s no need to be hesitant about hiring candidates because of fear they won’t be right for the job, and then having to search for another candidate to replace the first one.

At My Recruit Agent, our Virtual Recruiting Assistant Service will find the right candidate for the job!